Of Interest to Gardeners

The old saying, “You get what you pay for.” holds true for garden hoses. I bought the cheap hoses in my younger years and ended up buying a new one every year. The cheap hoses kink, crack, leak, and just fail.

I decided to spend more money on a hose after working with a nursery for a summer. We used large rubber hoses that were designed for commercial, industrial use. As a result of my experience with the higher quality hoses, I went out and bought several of these. I have three 100 foot and a 50 foot at my house, and another 50 foot hose on my property.

My hoses stay outside in the Mississippi heat, and often laying on the ground. They never kink, have only leaked when the little rubber washer fails, which is an east fix, and pull like a dream. The hose on my property has been laying on the ground for 4 years, in the sun and weather and still performs like the day I bought it.

The savings not having to replace a cheap hose every year is great. Two cheap hoses more than pay for this one, and this hose lasts for years. Do yourself a favor and quit fighting your garden hose. Life is much easier with this hose.

Happy watering,


p.s. I thought I would change things up to keep the attention of my readers. I think I will feature a household, usable by everyone item on Fridays, something you will need on most weekends.